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Siegfried Wien


Siegfried has been a creative-catalyst and partner in nowhere Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) since 2011. He is passionately in service of organisations that seek to attune individual and collective purpose and potential. He restructures and shapes cultures by creating an organisational backbone and developing new skills for ‘innovatively organising communities’ that collaborate both internally and externally. He explores, applies and develops circle and council consciousness practices for organisational breakthroughs. Siegfried believes strongly in the co-creation of LIFE within organisations, utilising and catalysing the creative tension found in the space between, in and around leadership teams, departments and markets.

After completing the Diploma of Business Administration (FH) he applied his knowledge as a business administrator (volunteering in Africa), and worked across several internal change-management projects in the automotive and supply industry. He is trained in various large-scale interventions and the architecting of systemic change. As a group-dynamic facilitator he understands patterns and utilises them for collective transformational change processes, and for co-creating the ‘NEW’. In doing so he infuses the complete organisation.

As a guest-lecturer on Innovation at University of Siegen (MBA-institute) he is connecting the experiential with the scientific. Siegfried lives close to Stuttgart, Germany.