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Elisabeth Leyser


Elisabeth is a creative catalyst interested in touching into the essentials of both people and organisations. She combines her profound business knowledge and experience with the conviction that a different level of consciousness is needed to really change things for the better. Her main interest lies in supporting people and organisations to grow and develop their full potential. Having been a leader for many years, she considers her approach as post-conventional and loves to inspire other leaders to develop new skills and traits so they can become ‘Evocative Leaders’ themselves. Elisabeth is also very much interested in the question: How can we bring the new into the world? She loves holding groups of people through a journey so they can find breakthrough solutions to the super-wicked problems of our time. Together with her colleagues, Elisabeth is responsible for different types of projects at nowhere CEE.

Elisabeth holds a Master’s degree in Economy and has studied History of Arts for several years. Her career started in arts and culture. For more than 15 years Elisabeth has managed an international consultancy focused on organisational and HR-development. Elisabeth lives in Vienna, Austria, and has two adult children. In her spare time she practices Yoga and Kyudo – both support her in being focused and present when working with people.