Over the past 20 years the thing we’ve seen organisations struggle with most is their meeting culture.

Transforming the way you meet is the simplest and most profound way of increasing your company’s productivity and creativity.

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A next gen leadership curriculum

An ecosystem of practice, micro-skills, workouts and digital products.

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It begins with leaders learning how to hold space instead of take it up

Holding Space

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Moments Matter Moments Matter

Then, how to tune into, lean into and intervene in moments that matter

Moments Matter

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Thinking Together

And, finally how to think and act together at a higher order

Thinking Together

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Breakthrough Questions
Set Context
Check-Ins and Outs
Deepening the Listening
Good Tricky Different
Holding Questions
Intuition Walks
Creative Dialogues
Journaling & Tagging
Empty Space
Brain Trusts
Decision Council
Meeting Review

Throughout the curriculum we introduce a unique collection of skills


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And, embed this new craft through practice


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All supported by a digital platform

Digital nowhere

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